New Bingo Sites – Updated June 2017

Bingo is super popular around the world so it’s understandable that we see a lot of new bingo sites appearing. This is a great aspect of the changing industry for players, as they have more choice than ever when it comes to where to play. It also means that it’s harder for new bingo sites to stand out, so stick with us to find out all about the very best ones.

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New Bingo Sites vs Established Sites

There is much debate over whether you should go for new bingo sites or established sites when you’re playing. There are aspects that make each of these attractive or unattractive, it’s worth doing a little research anyway.

On new bingo sites, you may encounter more bonuses and games to get you interested in playing. This is because new bingo sites are trying to appeal to a much wider audience and improve their offerings. New sites might offer you larger or no deposit offers that more established sites don’t need to.

Established sites can have the benefit of seeming more secure, as you know their name and probably some people that play there. They can rest on their laurels a bit though, which may mean you have fewer games or promotions to play in. Players can look into this on a site by site basis, as some established sites use their increased budget to pass more jackpots onto players.

With any bingo site, you should assess the quality of a site based on their key factors rather than just how long they’ve been around for.

Are New Bingo Sites Safe to Play On?

This is a question that many players have when they choose what kind of site they want to play on. New bingo sites aren’t inherently less safe than an established one, but you should make sure you look for assurances. This could include their licence with the Gambling Commission, a security certificate or proof of testing by an outside adjudicator.

These can usually be found on the homepage of a site. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see information on the owners, their methods and what you can do if you have a complaint. Playing with big name sites may seem safer but in reality, it’s always important to check these out.

If you have any qualms about a site then it’s best not to play there. You can also use alternate payment methods if you want to make the transaction more secure. These generally have a cap or fraud detection in place so there’s less likelihood of your details being used.

The new bingo sites that we suggest all comply with our strict review guidelines, you won’t need to worry about security when you play with these.

Games on New Sites

As the vast majority of new bingo sites that launch are on a network, you’ll usually find that they have a good selection of games. They use software like Dragonfish, Cozy Games or Microgaming to offer a suite of bingo games to their users. These may be linked between networked sites or exclusive rooms.

Many jackpot games on new bingo sites are linked with their sister sites. These offer them the chance to provide larger jackpots to a wider user base. This does mean that the individual user has less of a chance of winning but the stakes can be much higher.

Slot games are common on new bingo sites too, as more of their players hop on the bandwagon. These games are ideal for busy players, as they don’t have to wait around for the game to begin. They’re instant win too, perfect for gaming on the go.

If you’re curious to try new bingo sites then we’d suggest you start with the ones on this page. They’ll offer you an excellent time and even allow you to win big!