Bingo Payment Methods

When you’re ready to become a funded player with a bingo site, you will have a range of bingo payment methods to pick from. These each come with a range of pros and cons, which you’ll want to be aware of.

Types of Bingo Payment Methods

Most bingo sites accept the following bingo payment methods:

  • Debit and credit cards
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Bank transfer
  • PaySafeCard

Some sites also accept slightly more obscure payment methods, but these are the staples for most sites. It doesn’t take long for a payment method to become popular enough to be added to the list, as bingo sites really want to make it easy for people to play.

Pros and Cons of Different Payment Methods

Most sites that take payments have really strict security. Their 128 bit SSL tech means that your payment details are all scrambled up and only unscrambled when they get to them safely. This drastically cuts down on the chances of someone intercepting them.

This makes many players comfortable enough to want to use their credit or debit card. Not every player wants to do this though, as they want to seek out additional security. This isn’t entirely necessary but some of these payment methods can also be more convenient to use too.

Take PayPal for example, this payment method allows you to make deposits at the touch of a button. This can be better for players that want to quickly deposit or withdraw, without entering in all of their card details.

If you want even more security or perhaps don’t want to use your card online at all then you could use a prepaid voucher. PaySafeCard allows you to buy a voucher from your local retailer and then redeem it online. You can even buy this in cash if you would like to remain anonymous. The downside to this is that you must go and purchase the voucher, which can be a hassle for some players.

Online Security and Safety

When you make payments online, you should always consider your security as a priority. Sites will do the utmost to protect your bingo payment methods, but you can use these tips to help them out.

Firstly, you should protect your account with a strong password. You shouldn’t use something that would be easily guessed, like your street name or dog’s name.

Don’t disclose any information that could be deemed as sensitive to any other roomie. What may seem like an innocuous question about your recent luck could be an attempt to find out how much you have in your account. This is why many sites prevent their roomies from talking about transactions.

Finally, don’t be alarmed if a site contacts you to ask for proof of identity. This is common practice to authenticate your account and comply with money laundering guidelines. As long as you’re sure that the correspondence is legitimate, you can feel free to share your details.

That’s just about everything you need to know about bingo payment methods. Get depositing and you can hopefully win some big jackpots.