Bingo Loyalty Schemes

We all like to get something for nothing and one way that you can get just that is with bingo loyalty schemes. These handy schemes can be used to help you get perks from a site that you play on regularly. Check out our full guide for everything you need to know…

What are Bingo Loyalty Schemes?

Loyalty schemes or VIP schemes are really common in the world of bingo. They’re ways that sites can give you a bit more bang for your buck based on what you spend. The players at the top of the scheme will usually get the best rewards.

Bingo loyalty schemes can also be known as clubs, rewards schemes or a number of other names. Rest assured that most sites have them, you just need to take a look for them. It’s not rare for sites to reward players in this way, as it means they will be more likely to play with them again in future.

How do they Work?

These schemes are usually tiered with each level having their own rewards. Generally, whatever you wager on a site will be converted into points and this will determine where you sit in the scheme. Some players take this as an incentive to bet more too.

These points can also be exchanged for further bonuses and gifts. Some sites even let you exchange them for cash, though you will usually get a smaller amount for your points than if you trade them for bonus funds. Other sites allow players to trade their points directly for bingo tickets too.

Loyalty point stores can also be found on some sites. These can allow you to trade your points for real merchandise and freebies. These are less common but they do exist!

Points can be earned from wagering or taking part in promotions. You even may get points for liking a brand on Facebook, playing in chat games or even as a jackpot in free bingo games.

Are they Worth it?

The point of these bingo loyalty schemes are that they reward players who would be wagering anyway. They act as an incentive to have them coming back for more, instead of starting anew on another bingo site. In this case, it is worth it to take part in these schemes.

There will be terms and conditions that apply to your status on a site however. Bingo loyalty schemes can dictate that you must spend a certain amount each month to retain your status. This can be disappointing if you’re a VIP player that drops down the scheme.

If you’re trading your points for bonus funds then the usual terms and conditions will apply. As long as you’re aware of these then you can make sure you satisfy any wagering requirements and cash out.

That’s it for the topic of bingo loyalty schemes! We hope this helps to inform you the next time you’re looking for a new site. If you’re already playing on a site with one of these but haven’t been using it, double check to find out if you’re sitting on a goldmine of perks and freebies.