Bingo Lingo

When you pop into an online bingo room, you may notice that there’s some fast paced chatting going on. This is known as bingo lingo and it’s a specialised language just for bingo players. If you’ve ever felt lost when you see these terms then you’ll be happy to know that our bingo lingo glossary is here to help you out.

Chatting on bingo sites is pretty common and makes it a social experience. Because the game is speedy, players have come up with abbreviations to keep their conversations equally fast paced. This bingo lingo also makes it easier chat if you’re playing on mobile too, as you don’t need to spend a lot of time typing.

Bingo Lingo Glossary

Here are some of the most common terms that you will see in chat rooms:

1TG – One number to go to the jackpot
2TG – Two numbers to go to the jackpot
3TG – Three numbers to go to the jackpot
AFAIK – As far as I know, used when commenting on something you’re not 100% sure of
AFK – Away from keyboard when you’re popping away for a brew
ASAP – As soon as possible
BBIAM – Be back in a minute, if you need a moment to yourself
BT – Bout time
BLNT – Better luck next time, commonly used as a commiseration
CYA – See ya
GG – Good game, used to say you enjoyed a game
GL – Good luck, commonly said before a game to wish each other luck
G2G – Got to go
IC – I see
JK – Just kidding
LOL – Laughing out loud
ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing
OMG – Oh my goodness
SRY – Sorry
TC – Take care
TTFN – Tah tah for now
WTG – Way to go
WDW – Well done winner or winners
YW – You’re welcome
@ – You can use this to direct a comment ‘at’ someone by using their alias

That’s quite the list but you can use this as your reference for when you’re playing. Practice makes perfect with bingo lingo so try it out for yourself.

Other Chat Rules

There are a couple of rules to chatting with others that you should bear in mind, as well as your bingo lingo. Sites will put forth their terms on what they allow in a room, some specify that you can’t talk about winnings or withdrawals. You can have a read at the chat policy of a site in just a few clicks.

Try to be polite and friendly to other players too. Then you can all have fun together with no hassle and even practice your bingo lingo. If you feel like another player isn’t being friendly then just call it to the attention of the chat host and they’ll sort it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our bingo lingo guide. Just head to your nearest hosted room and you will get to practice it for yourself with your fellow roomies.