Bingo Game variations

When you play bingo online, you will find that there isn’t just one version of the game. Instead, you’ll find numerous bingo game variations on offer, which each come with their own rules. This guide is all about assisting you in finding the best bingo game variations for you!

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo or UK bingo can be found on just about every bingo site. When you buy these tickets, you will see that the cards are rectangular and made up of three lines. The aim of the game is to daub off all of the numbers on the card before anyone else in the room. On most sites, the numbers will be daubed automatically as they are called.

There are also consolation prizes on offer for those that complete one or two lines, instead of all three. The full house prize is given to the player that gets all the numbers on their card first.

80 Ball Bingo

When you play 80 ball bingo, you will experience a game that is faster than its 90 ball counterpart. In this game, you will have a square grid of 16 numbers to play on. The objective is to get all of your numbers on the card first to win a prize.

You can also win smaller prizes by completing lines or columns in this game. Of all the bingo game variations, this is probably the easiest one to get started with.

75 Ball Bingo

American bingo, or 75 ball bingo, is a slightly different game. The card for this game is square and consists of a five by five grid. The aim of this game is to mark of each number or to create a certain pattern. Again you will need to beat other players to the punch to snag the jackpot.

The commiseration prizes in this game come in the form of the one to go and two to go prizes. These are smaller prizes that are given to those that just have one or two numbers left on the card. This can be a good extra bonus for those that don’t quite manage to win big.

Other Bingo Game Variations

75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball games are the ones that you will find on many sites, but other bingo variations exist too. These come in a range of forms, each with very different gameplay types. Games like speed bingo use the same concept, but make the action faster with fewer balls and smaller cards.

You may also encounter exclusive versions of bingo on certain sites. These may be hybrids of bingo, such as Cash Cubes Bingo and other games. Some variants focus on a particular theme, like Deal or No Deal Bingo. These will usually come with their own guides on how to play bingo from the site.

By selecting the right bingo site to play on, you will have access to a range of bingo game variations. Then you can play in style and enjoy an array of bingo options.