Bingo Chat Games

The chat box on your online bingo room isn’t just for gossip, lots of sites also run their own special bingo chat games here too. This can be an added bit of fun for players who want to claim themselves some freebies. This guide will teach you about how to join in bingo chat games.

Where can you Play Bingo Chat Games?

Any bingo site that has hosted rooms has the potential to run chat games, but not all do. A hosted room is one with a chat host or moderator in there. Their primary function is to answer any questions you may have and keep an eye on things.

In addition to this, they also want to make the room fun! This could be by inviting all the roomies in, gossiping about the soaps and also running bingo chat games. They will ask roomies to take part in a range of games and talk to one another. This makes the entire experience more social, which is both good for roomies and for the site.

Not all sites run these chat games but the ones that do usually publicise it. You’ll find details of them in the promotions section usually or in the description for the room itself.

Bingo Chat Game Prizes

To give players an incentive to take part, chat hosts will give out prizes in these games. These may not be the biggest prizes, as you’re playing for free, but they can still be nice extras to snap up. They include the likes of free tickets, loyalty points and bonus funds.

Occasionally you might find a site that offers small amounts of cash in these games. Mostly though, they’re just a bit of fun with some bonuses on offer.

What Common Games are There?

The common types of games that you find online will vary from site to site. Chat hosts usually use the same kinds of games that work well in the chat format, such as:

  • Blackjack – Players select two numbers which add up to 21 and then wait for both numbers to be called in the room. When they are, the player must type in BLACKJACK to claim their prize.
  • Bingo Birthdays – To start off this game, you will tell the chat host your date of birth in three numbers. The three numbers are the day, the month and the last two digits of the year. When your three numbers are called, quickly type the word BIRTHDAY into the box.
  • Wake Up Call – This one is really to check if you’re still paying attention! You pick just one number and when it comes up, you’ve got to type I’M AWAKE into the chat box to win a prize.

These are some common ones, but there are loads more out there! Chat hosts will usually explain to you how to play before you get started, so you never need to miss out on a game.

Bingo chat games and quizzes are great ways to interact with others and you might just bag yourself a prize too!