Dragonfish Bingo Sites up their Game

14th September 2017 • No Comments

If you like playing on Dragonfish bingo sites then there are some changes in the works for you. This is some great news as they include some player centric changes that will enhance your gaming time. These will change up how you bank and we’re really happy with what these sites have done.

Changes to Dragonfish Bingo Sites

When you play on one of these sites now, you will notice some changes to the deposit and withdrawal procedures. One big change is that players will be able to opt out of receiving any bonuses, by ticking a box when entering card details. Players that aren’t so keen on wagering requirements and prefer to play with cash will enjoy this. While you may choose to keep your bonuses, some don’t like them and this change will help.

Withdrawal Limits

One of the best changes to come out of this happens within the withdrawal process. There are fewer restrictions on your withdrawals, which is great news for players. The minimum amount for withdrawals has gone down to £5 on their bingo brands and £10 on their slots brands. This is a massive reduction, as prior to this it was £30 on these brands.

There’ve also removed previous caps on how much could be withdrawn in one transaction. These have been further enhanced by removing the limits on the frequency of requested withdrawals. This means that you can request withdrawals more often and withdraw more in a single transaction.

Overall, it seems that Dragonfish bingo sites are doing more to make things better for their players. Banking is a major part of our bingo experience, as no one likes being restricted in this regard. We’re glad to see these changes rolling out across our favourite sites, as they just make the whole process more user friendly.