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It’s Time for Some Ghoul Fun on Costa Bingo

18th October 2017 • No Comments

We’re getting close to one of our favourite times of the year so we’ve had our eyes peeled for some of the latest Halloween bingo promotion offers and this has led us straight to Costa Bingo. The site wants to offer players a chance to play for a spooky Halloween experience worth over £300. This is a bingo jackpot game with a fantastic prize up for grabs so why not read our promotional review and then you will be ready to play!

A Halloween Bingo Promotion to Remember

It’s that time of year again and Halloween is always an excellent time to tune into play some online bingo games and Gh-oul Fun is now live on Costa Bingo. It’s time to put the scariness back in Halloween this October and Costa Bingo is leading the charge with a 75 ball jackpot game to take part in. To get started, you simply need to purchase cards for the jackpot game which will take place on the 19th October at 11pm.

This can be done by heading over to the Costa Bingo lobby where you can purchase cards for 15p each. You can purchase up to 96 cards for the game so you really can buy as many as you like. The more cards you purchase, the higher the chance you will have to win the game. Should there be more than one winner then prizes will be split.

Big Prizes for Big Players

Despite being a 75 ball bingo game, there is the possibility that several prizes will be awarded to winning players. A full house is currently offering players the chance to claim a fantastic £300 Red Letter Voucher which can be spent on a variety of spooky experiences. However, for a 2TG win then there is £200 in cash and a 1TG win will offer £100 in cash so some great runners-up prizes too.

New players can get in on the action as well by simply signing up for an account on Costa Bingo and the Gh-oul Fun offer is also available on mobile. There are terms and conditions to be aware of so be sure to read these on Costa Bingo before you purchase any cards for this Halloween bingo promotion. Good luck.

Enter the 28 Plays Later Draw on Lucky Pants Bingo

Things sure are beginning to get eerie here at All Bingo Bonuses and we’ve been on the hunt for some of the best Halloween bingo promotions and this has led us to Lucky Pants Bingo. The site’s 28 Plays Later promotion is live now and there are some excellent cash jackpots to compete for. This offer is top of our list and there are some sensational cash prizes to play for so how exactly can you get started?

Fight for a Bite of £28,000!

Lucky Pants Bingo is pulling out all of the stops this month and there is a share of £28,000 up for grabs for players who are ready to play on this fantastic bingo site. We would consider this a bit of a mega promotion as to get involved, you have to collect prize tickets by competing in some of the other offers on Lucky Pants Bingo.

To get started, you simply have to opt-in and then you will be able to collect prize tickets by taking part in some of the other promotions on the site including the Top of the Slots offer, Trip or Treat, Fang-tastic freebies and Lucky House of Horror. Each promo that you compete in will earn you a single ticket for the prize draw.

Cash Jackpots Galore

The best news is that even a single entry into the draw will allow you to claim a guaranteed prize! However, there is a share of £28,000 up for grabs as the main prize and you never know how much you could win. The prize draw will take place Tuesday 31st October and the more tickets you collect, the bigger your bounty will be!

There is a ticket to collect every week in October by playing in the promotional games that we mentioned above so be sure to opt-in on the site. New players to Lucky Pants Bingo can sign up for an account and then take part and the offer is also available on mobile as well so tablet and smartphone players can also get in on the Halloween action. The cash jackpots are big so opt-in today to get started.

Claim Some October Cashback on Costa Bingo

If you’re looking for a great new bingo promotion to enjoy then there are always excellent sites to choose from that have new promotions daily. However, Costa Bingo is always one of the best sites to visit for great offers. Indeed, the site is currently offering cashback in October with a special jackpot game offering the chance to claim up to £250 of October deposits back to your account.

Collect Cards for this Jackpot Game

The key to claiming some cashback in October on Costa Bingo is to play in the special 90 ball jackpot game and to do this you need to collect some cards. The cards for this game are currently priced at 20p each and they can be purchased in the Costa Bingo lobby. You can access this by signing into your Costa Bingo account and entering the lobby where you will be able to pre-purchase cards for this game.

The game itself will take place at 10:30pm on Monday 30th October so be sure to be logged on 10 minutes before so you can prepare yourself for the game. This will be a 90 ball bingo jackpot game with three separate cashback offers up for grabs so this is certainly a jackpot game to enter if you’re a player that makes regular deposits on Costa Bingo.

Claiming Cashback in October

The good news is that all winning players will be offered the same prize so all you have to do is complete a full house, a 2-line win or a single line win and you will be offered all of your October deposits back up to the value of £250. The minimum amount that can be claimed is £10 and there are also some terms and conditions to be aware of as well.

Winners will be contacted within 48 hours of this offer ending so it is important that you check that your Costa Bingo account details are up to date as you may be required to confirm your prize. As you can see, this promotion will suit regular Costa Bingo players who deposit regularly on the site so if this sounds like you then we would thoroughly recommend getting involved in this game. Good luck!

Enter the Boss’s £1m Grand Draw

BGO Bingo has some of the most exciting jackpots to play for in the whole country and this month The Boss is giving players the chance to win a share of £1,000,000 and this slots promotion is not to be taken lightly – there are big money prizes to compete for. If you feel like playing for some cold hard cash then head over to BGO Bingo and you can get started.

A Colossal BGO Slots Promotion

The Boss is certainly feeling generous this October and there will be cash draws every Monday – Friday this month with amazing £60,000 cash prizes totalling one million over the course of the month. For the chance to win you simply need to wager £10 cash on any of the selected slots each week to gain a single entry into the Grand Draw.

Additionally, you can double your chances of winning by playing in the selected bonus slots that will offer 2 entries for every £10 spent. There will be different slots selected for every week that will allow you to qualify for the grand draw. For example, this week you can choose from games such as Full Moon Fortune or Cash Cubes.

Spin Your Way to Success

There are terms and conditions to be aware for the Grand Draw and this slots promotion will end on the 26th October so if you want to get involved don’t wait around! There certainly is plenty to play for which is why this promotion is top of our list for October. The promotion is networked so players from other sites will also be competing for these £60,000 cash prizes.

The biggest prizes will offer £200,000 funds and these will come towards the end of the month from the 20th October onwards so head over to BGO Bingo and you can click on the Grand Draw promotion to read the schedule and plan your sessions accordingly. Overall, there is plenty to play for all month and you never know, you might just be the one walking away £60,000 richer.

Compete for Hair Raising Prizes on Wish Bingo

If you are a regular reader of our site then you will be well aware of how often Wish Bingo updates its promotions list. There are always new offers and goodies to play for and the brand’s new Hair Raising promotion has now gone live. As always, there are some super cool prizes to play bingo for so what exactly can you expect to compete for in this month’s bingo promotion? There is £450 in goodies up for grabs and we have all the info right here.

A Bingo Promotion with Multiple Prizes

Wish Bingo has opted for a 90 ball bingo game tournament this month and this means that there will be 3 prizes to play for worth a total of £450! Halloween can really get your hair standing on end so the site is offering you the chance to bingo your way to some fantastic hair-related prizes. All you have to do is enter the jackpot game to compete.

There is a GHD Ultimate Travel Hairdryer on offer for players who can complete a full house, a Golden Curl Hair Straightener for the player that manages 2 lines and a Philip Kingsley Hair Body & Shine Pack for a 1 line win. To enter the jackpot game for a chance to win you have to collect cards which can be purchased from the lobby.

Purchase Your Cards

You can purchase cards in the lobby for just 10p but the good news is that you can buy up to 96 so the more cards you purchase, the higher the chance you will have to win! Once you have purchased your cards you will be granted access to the jackpot game which will take place on 17th October at 10pm and this will be a 90 ball bingo game with a cash alternative also available instead of the prizes that we have listed above.

The winners of the jackpot game will be offered Amazon Vouchers to the value of the prizes mentioned. In case of multiple winners then an equal cash share will be split among winning players. Additionally, winning players will be contacted via email and may be required to confirm their prize so be sure to check that your Wish Bingo account details are up to date. Good luck!