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AllBingoBonuses.co.uk is the only site you need for bingo news, bingo promotions and reviews of the best sites in the industry. We don’t believe in having an endless list of sites with names that nobody has ever heard of before. Instead, our site lists the best bingo bonuses, from the best bingo sites, and this will always be the case. All of the sites we promote are reviewed in full, and all key points are highlighted too. This helps you; our visitors see what a bingo site offers, and what you can expect from them if you do register.

Site Bonus Review Visit
1 Lucky Ladies Bingo Lucky Ladies Bingo £5750 Review Visit »
2 Glossy Bingo Glossy Bingo £100 Review Visit »
3 Gala Bingo Gala Bingo £40 Review Visit »
4 Hunky Bingo Hunky Bingo £70 Review Visit »
5 BGO Bingo BGO Bingo £40 Review Visit »

If you glance above, you will see the top five rated bingo sites, each of these come complete with a review, which can be viewed by simply clicking the review link. If you wish to join the site immediately, this can be done by simply clicking the play now button.

Why is online bingo so popular?

In the United Kingdom online bingo has grown at an astronomical rate over the past five years, mainly due to; significant relaxations in advertising regulations, an increase in the number of bingo brands that are sponsoring prime time television shows, and the UK smoking ban. It is thought that the latter played the biggest part of all. A large number of bingo clubs reported a drop in visitor numbers, whilst online bingo kept on soaring in popularity. It’s believed that many have opted to enjoy bingo at home as opposed to venturing out to a bingo hall. Also, broadband technology is now almost standard in most households. Aside from speculation, there is of course the fact that online bingo is just amazing, if you haven’t experienced the thrill yet, what are you waiting for? Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be wishing you’d played sooner.

Why is online bingo so fun?

A game of online bingo tends to be more fun because it has a strong social aspect to it. If you join an online bingo game, one of the first things you’ll receive is a warm and friendly welcome from a chat host. He or she will usually encourage other members to welcome you, and you’ll immediately feel like your amongst “friends”. Then, once your bingo game begins you can chat away , make new friends and socialise with your fellow ‘roomies’. The chat moderator helps to keep the chat even more fun and engaging by running regular chat games, where lots of prizes can be won, and of course lots of fun is to be had by all. If you want to learn more about these games, simply click here to read our chat games guide.

We all love a good bonus

The online bingo market is massively competitive, with many sites trying to outdo the other by offering substantial bonuses. Now just from the table at the top, you soon see that the bonuses vary massively from site to site. One site may opt for a low bonus amount, however it might not need a deposit, such as Lucky Ladies Bingo for example. Whereas others may give you a very large amount, which is based on your deposit, for example Sun Bingo, who offer up to £200. Some of these bonuses give you as much as 400-500% on your first deposit, some of them you only need to deposit as little as £5. Obviously they do vary from site to site, however if you visit our offer pages, we always explain the welcome bonuses and details of any other promotions they tend to run too.

Loyalty really does pay

Another added perk to online bingo is that loyalty and regular play nearly always gets rewarded. This can vary from site to site, but usually you earn points or stars, and over time these can be converted into many different things. Some sites stick to a standard of cash bonuses and free bingo tickets, whereas some will let you convert them for luxuries, such as shopping vouchers and even mobile phones and computers.

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